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We recently celebrated the largest Bitcoin conference in the world here in Miami, Florida. We launched our first Packaged Action Figure NFT of KENN BOSAK and burned the unsold KENN's. The Bitcoin Conference Exclusive Packaged Action Figure KENN BOSAK is of Legendary Rarity and an edition of only 34. If you were lucky enough to purchase one of these KENN's you got yourself a 1 of 34 Edition and Legendary Rarity. Delivery of Exclusive Conference KENN BOSAK Packaged Action Figure will be on May 18th (and after) to your WAX Wallet. Please email us your wallet address. 

As we head into Q4 2022, the full collection of 21,000 MASTERS OF THE BITCOIN Packaged Action Figure NFTs will be released and minted. Available on WAX and delivered to your WAX Wallet at time of minting and then echoed on Atomic Hub for open trading

For anyone that collects 30x Packaged Action Figure NFTs qualifies for a MASTERS OF THE BITCOIN Custom Create Your Own Packaged Action Figure NFT. Join the ranks of the heroes & villains of Bitcoin and live up to the expression, "We are all satoshi". Collect the notable, famous, infamous and fictional MASTERS OF THE BITCOIN and become one yourself! Highly limited, hand drawn illustration (not generative) of your very own MASTERS OF THE BITCOIN Packaged Action Figure NFT.

Future plans to build, to meld the MASTERS OF THE BITCOIN project with one or several Metaverse projects and bring the MASTERS OF THE BITCOIN to life as AVATARS in numerous worlds. Exciting projects built on Unity and/or Unreal Engine are primed for our inclusion in this new world being built. Run around as satoshi, warp in as Teddy Warlord and be the envy of your friends with a highly limited MASTERS OF THE BITCOIN Avatar.

Hard decisions make for the best interactions in the application of game mechanics - and this is true for MASTERS OF THE BITCOIN. Decide to keep your Packaged Action Figure NFT "mint in box" or rip the package open and burn it to the ground in exchange for a physical collectable vinyl or resin Packaged Action Figure? The choice will be yours.

The universe & metaverse of MASTERS OF THE BITCOIN spans several alternate timelines and the backstories of each Action Figure intertwine and cross over into our real world. Building out the history and future of MASTERS OF THE BITCOIN will open possibilities as of yet unknown. Join us for this cool ride celebrating this new value transfer system and its impact on humanity.

Visually stimulating, heartfelt and endearing, MASTERS OF THE BITCOIN Packaged Action Figure NFTs are the gateway into this space and the genesis point to journeying with us as we build, create, and play in this new world. *

*Roadmap is subject to change as changing circumstances dictate. Nothing in this roadmap is a promise to deliver and we will simply make our best efforts to build something epic, fun and collectable.

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