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MASTERS OF THE BITCOIN exists as part of the Teddy Warlord universe and alternate timeline.  A parallel timeline where things are very different. The year is 2036. Looking back in this alternate universe some things turned out differently.  President Trump got a second term in 2020 but he stayed in power until 2027 when Martin Luther King Jr S granddaughter, Yolanda Renee King was elected President at age 19. Initially causing a Constitutional crisis, it was ultimately resolved in favor of President King taking office in mid-2027 due to her overwhelming popularity and electrifying speeches that galvanized the vast majority of Americans to stand up and support their new President. But things did not stay calm for long. Around April 5th-11th 2028, extraterrestrial intelligence (aliens) made their presence known and their involvement in human affairs. The resulting chaos caused nation-states to break down. The subsequent power vacuum opened the door for corporate city-states and privatized citadels to form like-minded communities. With this backdrop, we meet Teddy Warlord, a mercenary living in an old concrete factory on the side of a lake. The only way in and out is with his nuclear-powered WW2-era Spruce Goose seaplane.  Teddy is often hired by a variety of good and bad actors for unusual projects.  Teddy is in love with his AI assistant, Naomi Singularity, and eventually, in the end, she is given a real body for them to finally be together.  Teddy's helmet, the signature teddy bear head, is in reality, a complex Heads Up Display (HUD) where he interacts with Naomi Singularity while on missions.  Back at his home base in the concrete factory, Naomi keeps things running smoothly making him Chaga Mushroom Tea and keeping his morale up. Forever neutral, Teddy sometimes gets hired by good guys, sometimes the bad guys, and sometimes the aliens. The heroes and villains of MASTERS OF THE BITCOIN are all his friends, some more than others! Welcome to MASTERS OF THE BITCOIN. 

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