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The collection has been created with the artists James R Patterson and FOOX who filmed the original bitcoin documentary spanning 2013-2018 (the early years) and entitled BIT X BIT: IN BITCOIN WE TRUST and whom has a love and respect for the great minds that have made this new value transfer system a reality and have changed the way humanity engages each other and commerce.

"Art is, more often than not, the best medium to convey human emotion, and MASTERS OF THE BITCOIN is my vision of paying tribute to the Futurists I have come to love and adore and a community of passionate forward-thinking geniuses.
As a child of the 90s action figures represent, to me, the bridging of the analog world with the digital world." 


James started his Bitcoin focused journey with FOOX when they collaborated to design the film poster for Bit x Bit. He is an established, award winning artist with expertise in both fine and digital art

After several years, James joined forces again with FOOX to design the Masters of the Bitcoin NFT collection. Their team grew by one member, as James’ wife Katrina Elsey-Patterson   contributes art direction and design. KJAD

James believes firmly that art is about freedom; freedom to consider all possibilities. The Masters of the Bitcoin are a demonstration of the freedom realized when new and wonderful opportunities are made available. He, along with his wife purpose daily to change lives through art, faith, and love. 

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Our Games
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Bad Fox Productions provides creative marketing advisory and pathways for your project to come to life through the fusion of traditional film industry, acting studio mechanics, and updated leading industry film production.


Chaos Theorem is a creative digital studio and venture capital company focused on web3 technologies.


Chronicle is a studio and marketplace digital platform built entirely for fans featuring officially licensed digital collectibles, also more commonly known as NFTs.

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KATRINA JAMES ART DESIGN is a an art and design team consisting of wife and husband illustrators Katrina and James. 

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